Implementing our grant from PNC Charitable Trust continues to be a rich experience for clients and “personal shoppers” alike.

With her "Personal Shopper"

With her “Personal Shopper”

We’re half way through the year-long schedule of Girls’ Night Out (GNO) events and have touched the lives of 120 women from Bethlehem Haven, POWER, Sojourner House, and Women’s Center and Shelter (one scheduled GNO had to be canceled due to the Polar Vortex – but gift certificates were still delivered!).

It’s difficult to capture the transformation in each woman’s countenance during one of these precious evenings, and the resulting hugs and smiles are priceless!

Here are some of the remarks captured on the clients’ exit questionnaire:

“Clothes are very nice and employees (“personal shoppers”) are wonderful”“It was not hard to find perfect items.”
“Trying on fur coats, dressing up, amazing selection”
“…the kindness I was shown. Thank you so much! Very excited!”
“I felt like I deserved something nice.”

Are you interested in being a “personal shopper”? Contact Sally at sally@thfashions.org for more information and the remaining dates. It’s is an enriching investment of your time that you don’t want to miss!