We LOVE our new HOME – it’s bright and cheery, it’s open and inviting, it’s fresh and full of fashions! In fact it’s a bit TOO FULL! We have received an ABUNDANCERAID OUR CLOSETof donations – great merchandise – frankly more than we can comfortably display or store in the back area. What a GREAT DILEMMA to have! So we asked ourselves how do we deal with an abundance of clothing?

VOILA! Let’s have a RAID OUR CLOSET after-hours shopping extravaganza – WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th – 6:00-9:00PM at Treasure House Fashions (7607 McKnight Road – between the little Eat’n’Park and Today’s Home)!

We’re dragging out our back room stuff – summer, winter, and “HIGH END” eBay merchandise that has not been posted yet! This is a down–and-dirty, get-down-to-business shopping excursion to give YOU the opportunity to buy our back room clothing at deep discount – and give us some much needed storage until we flip the shop in August! For this evening all shoppers received 40% OFF – that’s an additional 10% over our posted May discount  (Single Moms, Sassy Seniors 55+, and Female Veterans still get their HALF OFF discount!).

Come to our House on WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th – 6:00-9:00PM for this FAB FASHION FEST! Shop until you drop as you…