When do shoppers start asking about the next BAG SALE? ANY TIME!!

At TREASURE HOUSE FASHIONS, the BAG SALE is a much anticipated event! Premier-BAG-SALETwice a year we clear out our inventory with our famous BAG SALE – all the clothes you can stuff in a brown grocery bag (which Giant Eagle generously donates) for $25 per bag!  Some women take off work to BE here! A few invite their boss to come along! It’s a shopping extravaganza that you don’t want to miss!

PREMIER BAG SALE – JULY 28th – AUGUST 1st  (during regular store hours) Register online HERE for $20 to select YOUR DAY! Come when we open, stop for lunch, come later, or stay all day – the CHOICE IS YOURS! But you will get first selection on all our merchandise and it is soooooooooo worth it! A limited number of registrations will be available at the door – but don’t take a chance on missing out – REGISTER EARLY HERE!!

REGULAR BAG SALE – AUGUST 4th – extended through AUGUST 12th (during regular store hours) NO REGISTRATION – just come early and come often to get the best selection! Our donations have been SOOOO ABUNDANT, we had to extend our BAG SALE – and YOU BENEFIT!!!

Do you AVOID crowds and chaos? We still have something for YOU! The first four THURSDAYS in JULY we’re offering 60% OFF FOR ALL –  JULY 2nd, JULY 9th, JULY 16th, and JULY 23rd. It’s a great time to scout out the land and scoop up a bargain or two – the price is right!! …and to think that ALL THIS SHOPPING supports our fabulous mission! That’s shopping with a purpose AND getting bargains!

bag those bargains