Our closet is overflowing with fabulous merchandise and exceptional bargains – so, we’re opening our closet to YOU! Since we’ve moved into our new home, our donations have been phenomenal!! The quantity and quality of the donations we receive is constantly increasing and we want to pass along the bounty to YOU!
Join us for a serious bargain shopping adventure on November 18 from 6:00-8:00PM! Everyone gets 40% off on all merchandise – Single Moms, Sassy Seniors (55+) and Female Veterans (or current military) receive 50% off. What a fun way to support our mission and scoop up fabulous bargains for YOU for the Holidays!DESIGNER CLOTHES
    • Join us for a Shop ’til You Drop after hours experience!
    • 40% Off everything – (50% if your Single, Sassy or Military!)
    • Go behind the curtain of our closet to get not-yet-on-the-showroom items!
    • In our closet, get designer items that are ridiculously priced!
We have ABUNDANCE and we want to pass it along to you at Bargain Prices!
(FYI – our shop will be CLOSED on Wednesday & Thursday – NOV 25 & 26,
but OPEN on Friday…and Saturday for SHOP SMALL SATURDAY!)
Shopping with a Purpose!