YES! It’s that time AGAIN!!
  • PREMIER BAG SALE – July 26 – 30  Make a tax deductible donation of $20 HERE and select your day to come for “first dibs” on our fabulous fashions. Once in the store, you select clothing you love and we military roll it into brown grocery bags at $25/bag! Women literally take off work to be here for this premier shopping opportunity! It’s WORTH it! Select your day HERE when making your $20 donation!!
  • REGULAR BAG SALE – August 2 – 13 There is NO extra donation or selecting your day – come early, come often but COME during regular store hours (see hours) to get your choice of merchandise rolled into a brown grocery bag (which we provide) for $25/bag! At that price, you can get a whole new wardrobe!!
Treasure House has BAG SALE twice per year – the first two weeks of August and February (with PREMIER BAG SALE the week before for an extra donation!)
It’s WILD and CRAZY – 
but the bargains are WORTH IT! 
We’ve had such ABUNDANCE in our donations, that for the month July we will offer EXTRA DISCOUNTS at the store:
  • 1st week of JULY – 50% OFF FOR ALL
  • 2nd week of JULY – 60% OFF FOR ALL
  • 3rd week of JULY – 70% OFF FOR ALL
  • 4th week of JULY – PREMIER BAG SALE (register HERE)