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 “May the Fourth Be With You” was the tagline for our semi-annual RAID OUR CLOSET held on – DUH! – May 4th! We opened the back “closet” to the not-yet-displayed merchandise and invited customers to “shop ’til you drop” on ALL our amazing fashions. Shoppers were giddy to get 60% OFF for EVERYBODY on EVERYTHING for the ENTIRE day during extended hours: 11AM to 8PM2017 MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU
Staff added to the playful antics by dressing as characters from the well-known movie series, and customers were challenged to recite famous quotes from the Star Wars movies to receive a FREE SCARF – with help from lines written on the back of Shop Coordinator Tracy Kincaid’s shirt or the “cheat sheet” posted by Constance Pearson (Program Coordinator) in the “far away planet” of the back closet. Fashion, fun and bargains abounded – so much so that May the Fourth Be With You may become an annual event!
Speaking of bargains, many of you have already begun to inquire about our renown BAG SALE! Bargains will begin (and increase) the entire month of JULY!
          WEEK ONE: 50% OFF for ALL (July 5 – 8) CLOSED ON JULY 4th!
          WEEK TWO: 60% OFF for ALL (July 11 – 15)
          WEEK THREE: 70% OFF for ALL (July 18 – 22)
          WEEK FOUR: PREMIER BAG SALE (July 25 – 29) – $25 donation at the door for “first dibs”…$30 per bag.
First TWO WEEKS of AUGUSTREGULAR BAG SALE  (August 1 – 12) – NO door donation – “open hunting” for all…$30 per bag.
Last year, we emptied 10 bags to find the average value of BAG SALE bounty; the average value (by our prices) was $300 per bag – that surprised even US! No wonder woman take off work to get here to BAG THOSE BARGAINS!!
Both BAG SALES occur during our NEW STORE HOURS:
MON 11-6   TUE 11-6   WED 11-6   FRI 11-4   SAT 11-4
(Closed SUN & MON)